Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring Flower Balls with Smoothfoam™

Spring is springing up everywhere in NC these days!  Whether it's arrived in your home town or whether you are still patiently waiting, these colorful, whimsical Spring Flower Balls will bring a blast of spring to your home decor.   Find the instructions on how to make these for yourself with Smoothfoam™, Kunin Felt, Makin's Clay®, Sizzix® and Earth Safe Finishes Ann Butler Designs Iridesents here on the Smoothfoam Blog -

Thursday, April 9, 2015

All-Star Designers Spring Series: Secret Garden Bracelet DIY Video


I had an absolutely blast designing this Secret Garden Charm Bracelet for the WCK All-Star Designers Spring Series!  I was challenged to use products from all of our sponsors, and I almost made it!  The only one I didn't find a way to work in to this bracelet was Beacon Adhesives - but I love their products and use them daily so I don't feel too guilty lol!   It's got JudiKins, Plaid Mod Melts & paints, Etchall, Makin's Clay,  Sizzix, and even a little Connie Crystal sparkle. The video can be viewed above, and here's the link to the written instructions and full supply list -

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mixed-Media Bleeding Hearts Canvas - Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop

It's the first Monday of the month!  Which means it's time for the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop!  This month our theme was hand-made flowers.   I've been pretty busy the last few weeks with an HSN appearance on behalf of KellyCraft™, and all the preparation that went into it - but wanted to share something with you as part of this hop so I'm sharing a project I created in 2013 for Jacquard.

I love making hand-made flowers whether it be with paint, paper, metal, or clay - or a combination of all of them!  This mixed-media Bleeding Hearts canvas combines many of those components with a photo from my garden.  You can find the full instructions for this mixed-media canvas here on their website.

Take the time to click through the DCC blog connection link in the column on the right so you can see the other amazing projects our participating designers are sharing!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Gems of the Sea Bracelet & Earrings

My Cindi's Simple Solutions project for WCK this week is this this fun Makin's Clay® seashell & Connie Crystal pearl set - Find the full instructions here.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


What a truly amazing experience!  I would like to thank KellyCraft™ for allowing me to represent the company at HSN last Tuesday at HSN as part of the 24 Hour Craft Event!   It was fun, exhausting, informative, interesting, and amazing.  I also got to see and spend time with some familiar craft industry faces amongst my fellow guests - Pattie Wilkinson, Julie Fei-Fen Balzer, Lisa Bearnson, and Andrew Hiller. And drumroll please... I am thrilled to announce that we doubled our projected sales at the 3:20 AM airing, and then SOLD OUT following our 5:50 PM airing.  Feedback from HSN Sales Managers was that they couldn't believe I hadn't done TV sales before and I did a great job.   I guess I did okay for my first time despite the jitters!  Woooohooo!!!    Here's a few pictures of the "behind the scenes" experience!

Table ready - now on to hair and make-up! 
It's 3:15 AM - we go live in 5!  
5:50 PM - 2nd spot is live in action!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Faux Leather & Bling His & Hers Luggage Tags

I'm excited to be a part of the Designer Craft Connection Connie Crystal Blog Hop!  We each received a great package of sparkly goodness from Connie Crystal - fantastic crystal sheet in black and white, as well as assorted sun catchers with gorgeous pearls & unique glass beads.     Today I'm sharing a pair of His & Hers faux leather luggage tags I created with Makin's Clay® - one masculine and plain "leather", the second got the major bling treatment with
black crystal sheet!  Be sure to follow the Designer Craft Connection link in the right column so you can see what other fun creations the designers are sharing!


Connie Crystal Crystal Sheet - Black
Makin's Clay®  - Black Clay
                          - Ultimate Clay Machine®
                          - Self Healing Cutting Mat
                          - Ultimate Clay Machine® Motor
                          - Clay Cutter
Westcott® Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors
Gift card for use as tempalte
Business card for use as template
Beacon Adhesives® 521 Adhesive
Toner Plastics® Craft Lace - Black
We R Memory Keepers® Crop-A-Dile punch
Aluminum foil, parchment paper, transparency sheet
Spice tin for template


1. Open black Makin's Clay® and roll to #3 on Ultimate Clay Machine® (or hand roll to approximately 1/8".)

2.  Crumple tin foil.  Unfold and place onto black rolled clay.  Press with fingers to transfer crinkle to clay, giving the effect of black leather.

3. Place credit card onto clay and use clay cutter to cut clay rectangle.  Cut 4 (depending on # of tags you are making... 2 per tag).

4.  On 2 of the rectangles, use spice tin to cut opening for address window - offset slightly as shown (or hand cut lol - but the spice tin works perfectly and rounds the corners in a nifty way!)

5.  Use business card as template and cut 2 rectangles from transparency sheet.

6.  Place transparency sheets over window opening on tags, with edge extending out over small edge.

7.  Add small piece of parchment paper over transparency. (This keeps the back piece of clay from sticking to the transparency.)   Add small amount of Beacon 521 Adhesive around top, bottom and left (wider) edge of tag.  Place second solid rectangle of clay over first to create back of tag.  (Note - Wet clay will stick to wet clay without any additional adhesive; however, since these will likely get a lot of rough treatment in baggage handling at the airport - I wanted to be double sure they would stay together so I used the 521...)  Repeat to make 2nd tag.

8.  Crumple small piece of foil and press into all outer edges of each tag.  This further gives the look of faux leather.

9.  Cut sheet of Connie Crystal black crystal to fit back of one tag.  Cut second strip about 1" wide (5 crystals across).

(Don't you just LOVE how the camera picked up the sparkle & shine on this first photo in this group!?!  Love my Connie Crystal!) 

10.  Use 521 to mount crystal sheet to back of tag.

11. Add small piece of crystal sheet centered on small edge of address window.  From 4 crystal by 5 crystal piece, cut two center crystals, then use 521 to mount to wider edge of address label.

12  Let clay dry 24 hours, the use Crop-A-Dile punch to punch hole in wide edge of solid clay tag, and in center of crystal piece where crystals were removed.

13.  Add 4 strands of black Toner Craft Lace to each tag.  Remove parchment paper, trim edge of transparency.  Print address and insert beneath window.  

14.  Tie to suitcase handles using multiple tight knots.

That's it!  His & Hers Faux Leather Tags with a touch of BLING!

Friday, March 13, 2015

I'm Appearing on HSN!

I am so excited to announce that I will be representing KellyCraft Innovations on HSN for two sessions on their Craft Day on March 24th!  Stay tuned for more information!