Friday, October 17, 2014

Sullivans USA Gothic Goes Girly Macrame Bracelet

What does a Halloween obsessed designer think of first when she receives with a package of two lovely shades of pink Hebe Cord from Sullivans USA?  Why, SKULLS of course!  The result is this Gothic Goes Girly Skull bracelet.   Thinking back over my crafty past, I don't ever remember attempting to macrame - but after searching the web for easy to follow instructions I found great site that was able to walk me through creating this piece.  I went back to school at!    Here's the link to the video tutorial that will walk you through the easy to follow instructions for what they call a "cool wave" or "snake" style bracelet. This project is part of a special Designer Craft Connection blog hop - Be sure to click the Designer Craft Connection button in the right column to see what the other participating Designer Craft Connection designers have done with their Sullivans USA Hebe Cord!


Sullivans USA Hebe Cord - Two shades of pink
The Beadery pink skull beads - 10
Westcott Craft Titanium Bonded Non-Stick Scissors & Ruler
Duck Brand Tape (optional - but sure made it easier!)

I'm including a few photos to give you a close up of the steps in the video.  It took me a couple of tries, but once I got rolling, it was quite simple to do!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Smoothfoam™ Burlap Pumpkin Door Banner

Find the full instructions on how I combined Smoothfoam™, Rit Dye, and Ad-Tech to create this dimensional pumpkin door banner here on the Smoothfoam blog! 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Beaded Spider - DCC October Blog Hop

It's time for the Halloween edition of the Designer Craft Connection blog hop!  Be sure to follow the link to the right to see what the other participating designers are sharing to add some BOO to your world! 

This beaded spider was a snap to create - I followed the directions in the most recent episode of When Creativity Knocks - We visited Crafted at the Port of LA and Mary Austin from Twisted Sisters showed us how easy it was to create these little bejeweled crawlers.  I couldn't resist whipping one up for myself!    Add a pin back, or make  a necklace for him to hang from as a pendant - or perch him on a pumpkin like I did for a little creepy fun.   


22/24 Gauge wire
Jewelry pliers
Black seed beads, black bugle beads, round glass bead for head
Connie Crystal blue bicone beads, large blue glass bead for body
Bead caps 

Follow the instructions in the episode below to create your own spider you don't want to squish! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

"Craft Your Stash" Book Review & Blog Tour & Fish Wall Hanging

I'm excited to be a part of the "Craft Your Stash" Book Review & Blog Tour to premier Lisa Fulmer's new craft book! I wrote a review of the book for When Creativity Knocks and for Lisa inspired me to *try* yet again to ORGANIZE some of my huge stash of crafting supplies - and then to USE them! I have been going through baskets and boxes and doing my best to organize, and purge. One of the biggest projects I tackled was my vintage trunk full of fabric (and the two big boxes that wouldn't fit in the trunk). Why so much fabric? Do I sew? Nope. But I'm a fabric hoarder along with a hoarder of anything else crafty. I emptied all 3, sorted and folded every single piece, organized by color, pattern, etc. and then put it all back into the single trunk - SUCCESS! Then it came time to create something with my fabric stash! I was inspired by the flower wall hanging Lisa created in her book with a foam sheet and fabric. Since I have a stash of Smoothfoam™ - I pulled out an extra piece I had saved from another project, grabbed some coordinating fabrics, my Beacon® adhesives and got busy. I also got a chance to use some of my huge stash of ribbons (which I am happy to say I actually organized years ago in mason jars by color family and have kept that system since - except for a stray tote bag full here and there waiting to be sorted…..).

Lisa is also giving someone a chance to WIN a great prize package - The prize will be a copy of the book, plus a nice big selection of crafty swag to add to their stash – and she is willing to ship internationally to the winner! Follow the link below to enter!


Smoothfoam™ sheet 
Westcott® Craft Titanium Hobby Knife 
Westcott® Titanium Scissors 
Beacon® Fabri-Tac, Tacky Glue 


1 - Draw fish in desired size onto Smoothfoam™ sheet.  (Or print and trace.) 

2 - Use hobby knife to cut out fish. 

3 - Cut fabric to cover fish.  Wrap around to back of fish and adhere with Fabri-Tac. 

4 - Cut scales and use Fabri-Tac to glue over fish body. 

5 - Cut strips of ribbon, glue onto fins, with edges tucked beneath scales, and overlapping side of fish.  Glue ribbon around outside of fish to cover edges of small ribbon and cover edge of fish. 

To hang, I used one of those removable 

Monday, September 29, 2014

Graveyard Bones with Smoothfoam™ and DecoArt®

My latest Cindi's Simple Solutions project for WCK will add a little spooky fun to your season!   Smoothfoam™ & DecoArt® make it simple!  Find the full instructions on WCK -

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Burlap & Smoothfoam™ Pinecones & Acorns

My September project for the Smoothfoam™ blog combines eggs and burlap to create pinecones & acorns!  I love how the finished pieces came out!  Find out exactly how to make some for your own Autumn decorating in the link above.  

Sunday, September 7, 2014

"Cow Country" Table Runner with Kunin® Group, Buttons Galore & More & Beacon Adhesives

I was happy to have the chance to be a part of the Kunin™ Group, Buttons Galore & More and Beacon® Adhesives Designer Craft Connection blog hop!   My felt package arrived and I couldn’t have been happier - our kitchen & dining room has a “farm animal” theme with cows, chickens and more as accents.  The cow patterned felt was a perfect fit!  Paired with fabric, I was able to create a table runner for our table that fits right in with our country decor.  Be sure to follow the DCC link in the right column to see what other creative projects our designers are sharing.  

Don't forget to enter here for a chance at a great give-a-way package too!


Kunin™ Group:  Fancifelt™ - Cowpoke, Embossed Felt - Black Alligator, Creatology™ felt - Antique White  
Buttons Galore & More - assorted blue buttons 
Beacon® Fabri-Tac Adhesive 
KellyCraft™ Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square
Westcott® Handheld Titanium Bonded Paper Cutter with Safety Shield 
Westcott® Stainless Steel Ruler 
Westcott® Craft Self-Healing Cutting Mat 
Blue embroidery floss, needle


Step 1:  Use Westcott® self-healing mat, ruler and handheld cutter to measure and cut six 4” x 4” squares from Cowpoke, Black  Alligator and Antique White Kunin™ felt. 

Step 2:  Cut burlap to 18” x 30”.   Remove some threads from all edges to create frayed edge. 

Step 3:  Use Get-it-Straight™ Laser Square to align felt squares, centered on burlap, and adhere with Beacon® Fabri-Tac adhesive.  

Step 4:  Stitch blue Buttons Galore & More buttons to all corners of squares with embroidery floss.